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Female-Focused Finances

We offer comprehensive strategies designed to help women manage their assets and feel confident in their future.

At BDA Financial we understand that women investors face unique challenges that make financial literacy and advance planning important. It all starts with understanding your finances and building a personalized plan around your goals. With a plan in place, you gain the confidence to know you have the funds to leave a legacy, put children through college, care for elderly parents, donate more time or money to a charity, go on that cruise, or whatever your goal may be. At BDA Financial we provide a support-system whether you are single, retired, widowed, business owner, approaching a life change, or whatever your circumstance may be to gain confidence and financial independence.  

Common Factors that Impact Women's Financial Planning

Where men once dominated financial affairs, the growing presence of women in the workplace and as heads of households continues to grow. As women have taken more responsibility for their long-term goals and financial health, they have become a force to be reckoned with. While every woman and family is different, research shows that American women face many of the following challenges: 

Women are likely to outlive their spouse

Women are likely to outlive their spouse

Based on research about life expectancies, on average women outlive men. Losing a spouse is heart-wrenching, and in a family where the husband manages the finances, a widow might need to quickly take control of family accounts. Without a strategy, this transition can worsen an already stressful situation and lead to costly mistakes. 

90% of women will eventually be solely in charge of their household finances.

Women earn and invest less than men

Women earn and invest less than men

While there are many contributing factors, smaller paychecks and more time out of the workforce are two major causes of this disparity. There are a number of important life decisions that each of us make; these decisions can affect our income and, consequently, our retirement. 

Women have a heart for service and caring about what matters to them. 16% of women report taking a less-demanding job (versus 6% of men) to care for children and ailing parents. 

Women are disproportionately affected by divorce

Women are disproportionately affected by divorce

Divorce is painful and unfortunately, a fact of life in today's society. Switching from a dual-income to a single-income household brings additional challenges for women. A divorced women typically experiences a 27% drop in her standard living, largely due to her likelihood of raising children alone and the financial obligations that accompany that responsibility. As many women have found, there is a life after divorce; however, it is critical to anticipate and plan for its potential effects on savings and retirement goals. 

Many women seek our help when faced with various life events:

Can You Relate? Common Concerns Women Face

  1. Do I need insurance to protect my children?
  2. What is the best way to buy a car or make large purchases?
  3. I want to stay independent, but who will take care of me if i become frail?
  4. How do I minimize the probability of running out of money?
  5. I have assets, but how will I pay my bills?
  6. How much can I afford to help my children and family?
  7. I love my home, but does it make sense for me to stay here?
  8. As new questions and situations arise, who can I rely on for advice?

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