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College Planning

Often the 2nd Biggest Expense of your Life

Families often overpay for college and take on too much debt. Don’t hurt your savings and retirement plans or your child’s future because you tumbled unprepared into the late-stage college funding pressure cooker.

 At BDA Financial you will work with a College Specialist to help you and your family navigate through college planning whether it’s as soon as your child is born, while they are in high school or anywhere in between. We can help with:

  • What your expected family contribution (EFC) is for financial aid purposes
  • How to find scholarships and grants you’ve never heard of
  • How to pick colleges that will give you the most money

Here at BDA Financial we can show you the right approach to saving for college and which colleges you can and cannot realistically afford.  Having this knowledge will allow you to make the best possible decision based on firm financial understanding.